This is

This is who i am. I am mummy to Jack. This is my life.

They told me my life was going to change, they said i would be tired, they said i wouldn't know what day it is or what my real name was apart from 'Mummy' but they never told me along with all of this my heart would feel like it is going to burst with the most amount of love towards this boy. 

I have decided to break down my life since that stick said 'you are having a baby and your life is now going to change forever'.

For all you mummies and mummies to be out there i am going to write about my 11 weeks of mummy life and also through pregnancy along with stories and experiences. I will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth as this was given to me so i will give it to you. 

Motherhood is not a battle against other mothers. Motherhood is YOUR journey with YOUR children and here is my journey i am sharing with you. Take what you like from my experiences or just read along as i take you through my journey as mummy to Jack.......

There are no timescales to these posts as 'Mummy to Jack' is a full time job, but when those tiny eyes are finally closed for the day and the kettle has boiled (or wine bottle has miraculously opened!) i will update and share and become 'blogger mum' for the evening and join in with adult talk to give advice if wanted or just come along for the ride!

Hope you enjoy xx

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